Albany Park Baptist Church

To know Jesus and to make Him known

Tell me more about Church Membership

Baptists believe that when we received by Jesus we should also be received into His body, which is the church. The church is not a building, but a gathering of His people who  meet together for worship, teaching, fellowship and mutual support. Our youngest member is 35 and our oldest is 90+ (but we have had members as young as 14 and as old as 106!)

Christians apply for membership and are interviewed by two visitors appointed by the church. If the church is satisfied that the applicant has a genuine faith and is living a life worthy of their Christian calling, they will be accepted into membership. As a member, they accept certain responsibilities

  • To live a life consistent with the calling of God

  • Pray and read the Bible regularly

  • Regularly and faithfully attend church for worship

  • Attend Church Meetings and Prayer Meetings wherever possible

  • To care for and share fellowship with other members

  • To take part in the work of the church in those areas in which they are gifted. Everyone should be able to find a role

  • To take responsibility for church decision making, and to stand by decisions of the church meeting

  • To support the church financially, in so far as they are able

  • To seek to bring others to the church

  • To seek to win others for the Lord by witness and example

  • To regularly attend and share in the Lord’s Supper

At Albany Park we have "open" membership. This means that we accept all those who have accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord, whether or not they have been baptised. Non-baptised members are earnestly asked to consider baptism in the light of scriptural teaching. Only baptised members are eligible to become Deacons.